Friday, March 5, 2010

"Gimmicky Friday" Friday presents: "Fuck You Postcards Friday"

Hey, Carlos here, with the latest (and first) post in our "Gimmicky Friday" Friday series. This Friday's gimmick is "Fuck You Postcard Friday". In the hypothetical world where this blog had a Fuck You Postcard Friday, I would sit down at my computer every Thursday night, fire up Photoshop, and have a postcard ready for you that somehow conveyed the message: "Fuck You!".

In this hypothetical version of bbClap, I'd give you these instructions:

-First, think of someone you think you're better than and who needs to know it.
-Click on the pic below (to bring it up to Full Size).
-Save to your desktop or something
-Print it out on card stock paper, cut out the image.
-On the back, do NOT write "Just kidding!" or "LOL". Just sign your name, and...
-Put a stamp on the back right corner
-Send that thing off

Then, after all that, one week later you'd find another Fuck You Postcard waiting for you, and if you were lucky, it'd bring you even more lolz. But, that won't happen. Next Friday I'll have a new gimmick...a new gimmick on..."GIMMICKY FRIDAY" FRIDAY!

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